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The Sustainable Agriculture Education Partnership (SAEP)

The Sustainable Agriculture Education Partnership (SAEP) presents a great opportunity for our community together with Westwind School Division to play a leadership role in agriculture and economic diversification-oriented education and programming in our province. Curricula initiatives are underway and the SAEP board is collaborating closely with post-secondary institutions as well as leading corporations to achieve its goals. For more information, please contact the Town office or follow the links below.


Saturday March 4th is our last public skate!

Come skate from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. A special thank you to our Sponsors: Edwards & Edwards, Leisel's Buns and More, Schneyder Harvesting and Summit Electrical! Also we would like to thank Ririe Pit Run and Gravel, Schneyder Farms, Jenex Contracting, Huckvale LLP, Sunshine Seeds, Home Hardware and the Blue Goose for sponsoring a dressing room and decking them out.

Telmatik Emergency Notification System - test call out

Telmatik Emergency Notification System

Test Call Out Scheduled

We have set March 15, 2017 @ 4 pm to perform a system test call.

If you do not receive this call please contact the office to have your number added to our system.

This system will be used for minor emergencies, emergencies and important notices such as irrigation issues, boil water advisories, water line breaks etc. 

Meet and Greet

Grant Hunter MLA meet and greet Thursday February 2nd from 6 -7 pm at the Seniors Centre.

Thank you!

We would like to thank our public works and recreation crews for all the hard work they have already done and are continuing to do removing the snow off our streets! Thank you Crew!