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Mass Registration Fall 2018

Mass Registration will be Wednesday, September 5th, 5:30-7:30 pm at the arena. 

Welcome Back to School 2018

Next week children will be returning to school and many will be busing, walking and riding their bikes to get there.

The Town would like to remind drivers and pedestrians to be aware of the increase of young people on our streets.

As school begins residents should consider the following safety tips:

- Reduce speed in school zones and be ready to stop at any time. Children do not always notice oncoming traffic

- Obey school bus signals

- Watch for pedestrian crosswalks and obey them when in use

- Walk on available sidewalks

- Always cross the intersections, looking and listening for traffic and walk across only when road is clear and safe to do so.

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Magrath Trail Headgate Bridge Update

Construction of the bridging structure at the Magrath National Historic Site head-gates is continuing this week. The three supporting I-beams are now in place, but it is expected that the bridge and railing assembly will be continuing throughout the rest of this week. As a result, this segment of the Magrath Trail will remain closed to the public until this work site and related construction works are completed and the contractor’s barriers are removed.

Magrath Fire

Magrath experienced an uncharacteristic house fire today at 104 West 2 Ave North. The Town’s fire department was quick to respond and as of 4:30 pm the flames were abating and did not appear to be spreading. The adjacent structures appeared to be safe and intact at that time.


The section of the Magrath Trail surrounding the head-gates will be closed this week for some long-anticipated scheduled construction. Please obey all signs and stay away from this construction area. This is important from public safety as well as a workplace safety perspectives.

Irrigation Notice - July 31, 2018

Given the recent excessive heat and the desire of everyone to water at the same time, we are again asking residents this summer to implement an odd and even day watering schedule depending on your house number so there is sufficient water pressure for everyone.  i.e. if your house number is even you water on even numbered days.  Please note that this will not affect those lands south of the creek (fish pond, cemetery area) as they are on a separate irrigation line.

Compost Bin Purchase

The Town is looking at ordering more compost bins for those who are interested in this service.  There will be a one-time cost for each bin of $110.00 and the Town will pick up the bins weekly during the growing season for no additional charge.  These compost bins are for yard waste (grass clippings and leaves) and compostable household waste. Meat, bones, branches, plastic bags and any other non-compostable materials are not permitted in the bins.  

If you are interested in being included in the order for bins please contact the Town Office and get your name on the list.  If we get sufficient people committed to purchase them we will make an order this fall so they will be delivered and ready to go for next spring.

Town Office – 403-758-3212

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.