Current News

Canoe Dock

The Town of Magrath would like to thank Spencer Heninger and his scouting leaders for the canoe dock project that he just completed along the Galt Canal, which is already being used by local residents. It has provided a nice amenity during those periods when the canal is full. We would also like to thank the Magrath Irrigation District for coordinating the diversion of water into this last operating segment of the Historic Galt Canal during our peak summer celebration and events season.  Thanks again to all concerned.

Municipal Development Plan

The Council of the Town of Magrath wishes to inform residents of the preparation of a Municipal Development Plan (MDP). A MDP is a document to guide the future growth of the community and must address future land use and development, transportation systems, the provision of municipal services and facilities, the coordination of future growth patterns with adjacent municipalities and any other matter relevant to the future of the Town. The Town currently does not have an MDP and is excited to begin this important planning process. Any person wishing to make a representation with respect to this matter, fill out a questionnaire, or to view information relevant to this topic, is welcome to attend this casual, drop-in format meeting on October 20 from 5-7pm.

Compost Bin Reminder

Compost bins must be out on the street by 8:00 AM Friday mornings, between May and October, and should be put out every week to prevent them from becoming too heavy. When heavy the compost bins get more scratched-up and could sustain damage from the arms of the truck having to hold them tighter. Branches are not permitted in the compost bins. Only Town compost bins will be picked-up.

Thank you!

The Town would like to thank all of the summer and pool staff for their good work over the summer. We would also like to thank the sponsors of the free swim; Edwards & Edwards Public Accountants, Leisel’s Buns & More, Schneyder Harvesting and Summit Electrical Solutions.

Compost Bins

The Town has green compost bins still available. The bin cost is $95 each and will be owned by the purchaser. The Town will empty the bins weekly at no charge between May and October. If you have ordered one but still have not received it please contact the Town Hall.

The compost bins are for yard waste (grass clippings and leaves) and compostable household waste. Meat, bones, branches, plastic bags and any other non-compostable materials are not permitted in the bins.

Fibreoptic Service

The Town of Magrath is still encouraging people to express their interest in the proposed Axia fibreoptic servicing to each of our residences and businesses. If you are anxious to potentially receive this service please contact your friends and family to get signed up. Your action now will make a difference and will help take us over the top. Please go to