Current News

Welcome Back to School

As children are back in school, we ask that you please respect school zone speed limits and watch out for children crossing the street. Just a reminder the 15 minute drop off zone at the school is just that! You should not be parking in the drop off zone if you are going to be longer than 15 minutes.  Also, the Arena staff parking spaces are for Arena staff and should not be used by anyone else. Peace Officers will be enforcing ALL parking signs and traffic laws. (i.e. U-turns, crossing the centre line, stopping on the road to let children in or out of vehicle, etc.)


Please be advised that we will be turning off the Town’s irrigation and blowing out lines, tentatively, within the first week or so of October, based on weather conditions to protect the Town’s lines against frost and associated damage.  If you have underground sprinkler systems it is not the responsibility of the Town to blow out these private systems. If you have any further questions, please contact the Town office at 403-758-3212.

Compost Bins

The Town has green compost bins still available. The bin cost is $95 each and will be owned by the purchaser. The Town will empty the bins weekly at no charge between May and October. If you have ordered one but still have not received it please contact the Town Hall.

The compost bins are for yard waste (grass clippings and leaves) and compostable household waste. Meat, bones, branches, plastic bags and any other non-compostable materials are not permitted in the bins.

Fibreoptic Service

The Town of Magrath is still encouraging people to express their interest in the proposed Axia fibreoptic servicing to each of our residences and businesses. If you are anxious to potentially receive this service please contact your friends and family to get signed up. Your action now will make a difference and will help take us over the top. Please go to

Flood Irrigation

In an effort to maintain consistent water pressure throughout the irrigation system, Council passed a motion to enforce current Bylaws prohibiting flood irrigation and set out new penalties for non-compliance:

a. First offence warrants a warning letter.

b. Second offence; a $500.00 fine will be issued.

c. Third offence will result in a one year suspension of the irrigation rights plus continuance of payment for the normal annual irrigation fees as set from time to time. Non-payment of the fees will result in the fees being transferred to the tax roll of the property.

Peace officers will be monitoring and enforcing this situation.

Jubilee Park (Fish Pond) Camping

Due to construction activities that are occurring at this park over the next two weeks, these camping facilities will be closed until June 20th. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the Town office at 403-758-3212.