On December 11, 2018 Council passed the Policy below to no longer permit unpaid utilities to be transferred to taxes at the end of the year and that any unpaid accounts of a period of 3 months will have the service disconnected until outstanding arrears have been paid and the account is current. There is a fee of $50.00 for each disconnection and each reconnection, to be paid prior to reconnection.

Town of Magrath – Policy Handbook

Policy #: _230-001/18A



SUPERSEDES #: 230-001/18


To provide all Town of Magrath Property Owners with clarification on the consequences of utility arrears.


All Town of Magrath Property Owners.


Arrears means payments that are overdue.

Property Owner(s) means a person(s) or company which has possession of title for land, building, house or other item.


The Town of Magrath has created the following policy in compliance with the Water, Gas and Electrical Companies Act Section 25, which states that we can implement the following policy:

If a Property Owner is in three (3) months of arrears, they will receive a written notice. The written notice will state that they have fifteen (15) days to pay off their arrears in full. If their utility account arrears have not been paid off in full within those fifteen (15) days; at the end of the fifteenth (15th) day, the Town of Magrath will shut off the properties water until their account has been paid up to date.

If there is financial hardship and utility account arrears cannot be paid in full, please contact the Town of Magrath administration, where alternative arrangements in some instances may be arranged. A presentation to Council may be necessary if payment arrangements cannot be agreed upon by this means.