We would like to thank you for your patience as we work through the summer construction season.  There are a number of projects going on throughout the Town and they may have caused some inconveniences to citizens.  We assure you that these projects, although they may cause annoyances in the short term, will bring long-term benefits to the Town.

Town organized projects that are currently on the go include:

1. North drainage project – this project extends from the West end of the Town (by the County Shop) all the way through Town to the East and draining into the Pothole Creek.  The storm water retention pond at the entrance to the Town will become a beautiful show piece with a paved trail, benches and nice lighting to create a welcoming entrance park to our Town.  The trail will continue to the east and the west to eventually surround the town and link up with the current Historic Magrath Trail system on the south end of Town.

2. Deep Sewer Extension – this project begins at the Copperleaf subdivision and will extend west across Highway 62 to 2nd Street West and then one block south to tie in to the existing deep sewer lines.  This will require coring under the highway (causing the irrigation to be shut down for 2 – 3 days) and deep trenching in the area in front of the Home Hardware/Custom Windows & Doors properties.  Our contractors have assured us that there will be constant access to these businesses.  You may have to enter from the west rather than from Highway 62 for a period of time but there will be continued access.  This project is to relieve pressure on the existing sewer lines on the west side of town to mitigate sewer backup and flooding damage when we have heavy rainfall episodes.

3. South East Storm Drain – last year we completed Phase 1 of the SE Strom drain in the Heritage subdivision area and we are currently working on Phase 2 which will extend the storm drain from 1st Avenue South north to 1st Avenue North (Inline Ovals corner) along 4th Street East.  Once Phase 2 is completed, Phase 3 will extend the drain west along Harker Avenue and also west along 1st Avenue North to capture storm water and complete the storm drain network in that area.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we complete these projects to make improvements to our Town.