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In order to facilitate the storm water drainage project in the northeast corner of Town, the northern end of 4th Street East has been closed for several days for construction purposes. It is currently expected that this road will be reopened by 5 pm on Friday Dec 15, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and encourage all Magrath and area residents to take alternative routes as they exit and exit our community over this period.

Water Rates 2018

As many local citizens are aware, the Town of Magrath receives its water from the inter-municipal Magrath and District Regional Water Services Commission which was established in 2012. Each year the Commission charges the Town a fixed amount based on the annually-adjusted cost of producing this high quality water from our recently upgraded treatment facilities. The Commission’s price also includes the projected replacement and upgrade costs of our inter-municipal water treatment facilities in 15 to 20 years. In 2017 the Town charged $1.20 per cubic meter (the equivalent of 220 imperial gallons) to its residential customers for this water. In 2018 Council approved a new rate of $1.30 to cover a 9 cent per cubic meter adjusted increase from the Commission. This additional cost helps cover the maintenance cost of the Town’s potable water distribution system. This includes losses from line breakage and leaks which are frequently being repaired as part of our regular monitoring and maintenance activities. If you have questions about any aspect of this they can be addressed at the Town office.

Christmas Dump and Garbage Pick-Up 

Garbage that would normally be collected on Tuesday December 26th will be picked-up on Wednesday December 27th. The Dump will be open regular hours Saturday December 23rd and 30th and Wednesday December 27th.

Please note that cardboard should be taken to the recycling centre and not put into garbage bins.

2018 Business License and Animal License Reminders

Just a reminder to all business owners that your 2017 business license will expire December 31st. 2018 Business Licenses will be available in January from the Town Office at a cost of $60.00 each.

All dogs in the Town of Magrath must be licensed and licences must be renewed annually. 2017 tags will expire December 31st. 2018 tags can be purchased at the Town Office in January. Altered (spayed or neutered) dogs are $20.00 per year and unaltered dogs are $40.00 per year.

Outstanding Taxes - 2017/2018

The Town recommends to all citizens that utilize the monthly tax payment plan by post-dated cheques to contact the Town Office to ensure that there are no outstanding balances remaining on your account and for a calculation for 2018 post-dated cheque amounts.

If you wish to utilize our pre-authorized monthly debit payment plan for 2018 please contact the office for details. Please note that in order to qualify for monthly payment plans your taxes must be current.

Library News December 2017

Magrath Library will be closed from Friday December 22, 2017 up to and including Monday January 1, 2018 for the Christmas Holidays. The Library re-opens Tuesday January 2, 2018 at 1:30 pm.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the library during Hometown Christmas. We were able to get 30 Usborne books from all your sales!

A special thank you to all who donated baked goods for our Fundraiser, it was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

“On Behalf of the Magrath Public Library Staff and Board We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Magrath Handi Bus Info

We just want to inform you and promote the use of the Handibus!

The rates are as follows:

Town of Magrath round trip - $5.00

To Raymond round trip - $15.00

To Lethbridge round trip - $25.00

(For each additional person the rate goes up $5.00 – divided equally)

To get in touch, just call 403-317-0737.