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Development Permits

There continues to be citizens who have begun construction of a property improvement without obtaining the necessary development and/or safety codes permits for your project.  Prior to any construction, including renovations, additions, sheds/accessory buildings and pools, application must be made to the Town for the improvement.

The Development Permit Application Process:

1. Determine the Land Use District and if the site is appropriate for your proposal.

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Cemetery Notice

In an effort to bring all cemetery plots into compliance with the Town of Magrath Cemetery Bylaw, we request that all objects, other than the headstone marker and vases that are permanently attached to them, be removed from all grave plots as soon as possible. Any objects that are left on a grave plot will be removed by the Town and disposed of.

Also be advised that any trees, shrubs or bushes may be pruned or removed from any cemetery plot that is deemed to be interfering with adjacent plots, roadways or the maintenance of the cemetery.

If you wish to review the Cemetery Bylaw, please visit the Town Website at or can be viewed at the Town Hall upon request. Thank you for your cooperation.

Public Swim Hours


Monday - Thursday 3:45 - 7:50 pm

Fridays - 12:00 - 7:50 pm

Saturdays - 12:00 - 5:00 pm

Sundays - 1:00 - 5:00 pm

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To insure public safety in our downtown core and on streets in the Town of Magrath, the Regional Detachment of the RCMP recently provided the following information on fines involving U-turns and Centre of Road Solid Lines in particular. Magrath and area residents should be aware that area Peace Officers and the RCMP will be enforcing these matters more strictly in future in order to avoid pedestrian as well as vehicle related incidents in our community.

Centre of Road Solid Lines:

Sec. 12(1) UHRRR - Drive left of centre line - fine $233

Sec. 15(1)(b) UHRRR - Improperly cross single solid line - fine $233

Sec. 15(1)(b) UHRRR - Improperly cross single solid line (outside urban area)- fine $233

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Deer Survey

The Town of Magrath Council would like your input regarding the deer population in our community. Please follow the link below to complete the survey questions online. If you prefer a paper copy you can pick one up at the Town Office or when the census takers come to your door they will have paper copies of the survey available as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town Office (403) 758-3212.

The New Magrath Entrance Park and Storm Water Project

Several years ago the Harold Tanner and L.B. Tanner families generously donated the land that is referenced in this photograph to the Town of Magrath toward the development of parkland near our main north entrance. The parcel to the south of Highway 62 was to be dedicated for a park recognizing the contributions of the Mayors of Magrath in collaboration with our Magrath Museum and History Association; and the portion north of Highway 62 was to be turned into an attractive park area with a potential water feature. Since that time, the Town applied for and received a grant under our Province’s Community Resilience Program to create a storm water drainage corridor to address a number of serious historic flooding and standing water issues along the northern edge of our community south of Highway 5. This project is 90% government funded under this program. It is also to include a storm water retention pond which will be incorporated into this park this year.  This storm water mitigation project has been needed in our community for many years, and this generous contribution of land and government funding will enable us to achieve these goals and further enhance our community at minimal cost to local taxpayers. 

If you have questions about any aspect of this project as it evolves over the coming year, please contact the Town office.


Work continues to progress on Magrath School Modernization Project. 

This week Westwind School's Administration team toured the school with the contractor to see how to project is coming along. The Elementary School renovation has been moving at a great pace! Nearly all students will be moved back into the classrooms in the elementary school area so that work can begin on other areas of the school. The move of the students will happen on April 27-28, and there will be no school in the elementary school for those two days to accommodate the move. Mr. Sabey is inviting parents to come for a tour of the finished portions of the building on May 1 at 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

For now the High School students will be staying where they are, except for the band classroom, which will move into the ice arena so work can start in their room, and other classes will move as work progresses in the coming weeks and months. 

For more information please check out the Westwind's Facebook page or their website.  Links below.


Facebook Page


The Town of Magrath would like to officially acknowledge the great contribution of County residents Bob and Vivian Richards to the most southerly portion of the Magrath Trail. The right-of-way that they granted to the Town made this scenic section of the trail possible and on behalf of the Town and its residents I would like to express this publicly. Signage will added to this section of the Trail this year to permanently recognize their participation in this important inter-municipal project.