Current News

Bylaw Enforcement Update

As the new school year has begun, this is a good time to talk about traffic, seatbelt, and other bylaw enforcement in our community. Everyone should be aware that our Peace Officers as well as our RCMP and regional Sheriffs are there to ensure the safety of our citizens of all ages, and we encourage all community residents to wear their seatbelts and to obey all posted signage throughout our community and in our school and playground zones particularly. Our Peace Officers have also been working to control heavy truck parking and traffic to preserve the integrity of our local roads, and this work will be continuing. We would also like to thank community residents who have been working with our officers to address a number of unsightly premises issues. Our community is looking better, and although there is much we can do to further beautify our properties and community generally, we appreciate what each of you and our staff have been doing to spruce up our community over the summer.

If you have questions about any aspect of this, please do not hesitate to contact our Peace Officers directly at: 403-715-8513, or any of us here at the Town office 403-758-3212.


We have noticed an increase of vandalism in and around town. Parents are encouraged to be aware of their children’s whereabouts and activities.

If you have any information relating to any vandalism please contact the RCMP at: 403-752-4747. 

Compost and Garbage Bin Collection

The last pick-up of the season for compost bins will be Friday October 28 and will resume on the first Friday of May 2017. 

Please remember that garbage and compost bins must be put out before 8 AM.

Magrath Head-Gates Restoration and Upgrade

The Town of Magrath received two recent grants that will enable us to stabilize the historic head-gates structure along the trail and provide a number of upgrades. This work will commence the week of October 3rd. As a result, a portion of the trail that leads to the Covered Wagon RV Park area will be under construction and impassable for at least the next two weeks. Providing access to the head-gates to conduct this work is challenging given the number of trees and the wetness of this area. The public’s patience is requested as the contractor will be doing everything they can to minimize the impacts associated with this important work. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Town office.  Please use grassy bypass trail seen in the picture below.

Canoe Dock

The Town of Magrath would like to thank Spencer Heninger and his scouting leaders for the canoe dock project that he just completed along the Galt Canal, which is already being used by local residents. It has provided a nice amenity during those periods when the canal is full. We would also like to thank the Magrath Irrigation District for coordinating the diversion of water into this last operating segment of the Historic Galt Canal during our peak summer celebration and events season.  Thanks again to all concerned.

Municipal Development Plan

The Council of the Town of Magrath wishes to inform residents of the preparation of a Municipal Development Plan (MDP). A MDP is a document to guide the future growth of the community and must address future land use and development, transportation systems, the provision of municipal services and facilities, the coordination of future growth patterns with adjacent municipalities and any other matter relevant to the future of the Town. The Town currently does not have an MDP and is excited to begin this important planning process. Any person wishing to make a representation with respect to this matter, fill out a questionnaire, or to view information relevant to this topic, is welcome to attend this casual, drop-in format meeting on October 20 from 5-7pm.