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There is an outbreak of ‘Black Knot’ in our community which is affecting a number of residential as well as wild plants and trees. This picture explains what it looks like, and the following link describes how you need to sterilize your tools and treat it in order to limit its spread and damage. If you have further questions, please contact the Town office.

Please see link below for more information.$departm…/deptdocs.nsf/…/faq7622

GIS Map Link

Below is a link to our GIS system which is a geographic information system or geographical information system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. Please feel free to use it.


Further to our community’s recent fibreoptic sign-up initiative, we received this information from Axia Inc. on February 9th:

Right now we are conducting engineering and viability assessments for candidate communities that have reached the 30% mark. We will then determine which communities are prioritized to begin fibre design and construction based on the percentage of expressions of interest in each community. Successful communities will be announced when our teams are ready to put shovels into the ground later this Spring/Summer. Those that are not in the top Axia communities for 2016, will make up the top of the list for 2017 fibre implementation.

The more overall expressions of interest your community has by March 31st, 2016 will determine where your town is placed on the construction planning list. You can help to get to the top of the construction planning list by encouraging all your friends and neighbours (and anyone who hasn’t already signed up) to express their interest at

Thanks to everyone that has signed up thus far, and it if you can encourage others in our community to do so, that would be great.


The vision of the SAEP is to engage communities—through education, work experience and innovation—in expanding the agriculturally-based economy of rural Canada by capitalizing on domestic and global opportunities in food, nutrition, business and technology.


Communities engaged-- through education, work experience and innovation-- in expanding the agriculturally-based economy of rural Canada by capitalizing on domestic and global opportunities in food, nutrition, business and technology.


Providing experiential and academic opportunities for students to develop their skills to become future leaders in the agricultural sector toward meeting global demands for food and nutrition while contributing to their communities.


01 - To collaboratively develop and deliver cutting edge agricultural experiential learning opportunities and curricula.

02 - To partner with local, provincial, national and global enterprises that will provide students with meaningful career opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness.

03 - To develop, refine and replicate a community-centred model for sustainable agriculturally- focussed economic development, and both land use planning and management.

04 - To foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture and agri-business in partnership with stakeholders in education, business and government.