Water rates are based on two elements: a flat rate charge to cover fixed customer related costs (routine maintenance, billing, accounting, fire protection [hydrant systems], and debt payments) and, a consumption (variable) charge for each cubic meter of water used. The total rate covers the cost of supplying water service and improvements to the Town’s water system. The water meters are read every two months and are billed per unit. If the property is vacant, water will be billed unless the service is shut off by Town employees.

Water Rates: Single Family Residence Flat Rate $25.00/month

Consumption $1.51/m3

Multiple Unit Dwellings Flat Rate $25.00/month/unit
Consumption $1.51/m3

Commercial Flat Rate $35.00/month/unit

Consumption $1.51/m3

Institutional Flat Rate $125.00/month

Consumption $1.51/m3

Sewer fees are comprised of a flat rate charge (80% water flat rate) to cover maintenance, operation, debt payments and improvements of the sewer system. Residential, commercial and institutional fees are billed per unit.

Sewer Rates:

Single Family Residence Flat Rate $20.00/month

Multiple Unit Dwellings Flat Rate $20.00/month/unit
Commercial Flat Rate $28.00/month/unit

Institutional Flat Rate $100.00/month